Please be sure the coupon has been confirmed by staff.
burlesque osaka
1 Set: 60mins ¥4000 (with 1 drink)

Cannot be used with other service

Please be sure the coupon has been confirmed by staff.
how to
Find your favourite shop from website or pamphlet.
Check the business hour and address of the shop before go there.
Show the coupon on the shop details page to staff.


  • Please remember to bring passport all the time.
  • Dress code is required depends on the rule of the shop, please check before attend. (e.g. Sandals are not allowed.)
  • Credit card cannot be used for some shops, please check before go there.
  • Please follow the rules of each shops.
  • The train cannot be used at midnight, please go back to hotel by taxi or other transportation.
  • Based on Japan Law, age below 20 is not allowed to drink alcohol.
  • Please keep your personal belongings safe by yourself. The shop shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage.
  • Please do not take any video or audio without permission due to the protection of privacy of the guest and the copyright of the artists.
  • Tattoo(Sticker, Fake tattoo, paint tattoo) apperance are not allowed in some of the shop.
  • Violent acts against other customers and acts of annoying the shop are prohibited.
  • Bringing in external food and drink(such as plastic bottle) are not allowed based on the rule of some shops.
  • Drug use or drug hold are strictly forbidden. In case of being found, we will inform the local police immediately.
  • Business hours are different from shop to shop. Please check the shop details in the page.
  • If there is any inappropriate behavior, the shop has the right to refuse participation.