Burlesque Osaka

Burlesque Osaka

A new sensational entertainment show club!

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Visit Burlesque Osaka and witness one of the three amazing daily performances.

The atmosphere of the performances is a mixture of fun, cute and sexy but what stands out above everything else is the talent of girls who perform here.
With highly energetic singing and dance performances throughout the show and top of the line lighting/visual effects, you are sure to be amazed by not only the girls themselves, but the overall production efforts involved.

1st show: Admission from 19:30, show starts at 20: 10.
2nd show: Admission from 21:30, show starts at 22: 10.
3rd show: Admission from 23:30, show starts at 24: 20.

Price : 〜30$
Language : English, Japanese
Payment : VISA, Master Card, JCB
Feature : Smoking, Credit Cards OK


7:00pm ~ 1:30am / Open all year round

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